Samyog Overseas follows entire terms and conditions for better relation, trust and quality service without abiding terms and condition of another no one can move on. The first party here in after called as Employer and Second Party termed as services provider or recruitment agency. The following terms and conditions as on:

The first party shall issue the necessary documents like demand letters, power of attorney, company registrations of the first party and license of the company to the second party. First party shall arrange to certify all the necessary documents from Nepal embassy and arrange to send to second party by courier.

The second party has right to advertise vacancy announcement or source the candidate to the trade and no of the candidate required mentioned in the demand letter.

The second party shall advertise the vacancy announcement in the name of the first party disclosing the first pastry’s name on the local newspaper or any means of media taking prior approval from the first party or shall follow as per the advice or instruction of the first party.

The second party, upon given full right by the first party, shall recruit the candidate and thereby shall be full guarantee of the first party to the selected candidates for may send their representative for the recruitment of the candidate. Second party is responsible for short listing and screening of the prospective candidate and shall inform same to the first party before his arrival  and first party should inform will in advance about his arrival and interview schedule to the second party.

The second party will send the bio-data,medical report, photo (4 copies) and the passport photocopy of selected Nepali workers to the first party within 15 working days from the date of interview.

The first party is responsible for visa processing and entire process and takes responsibility of the workers after arrival. Whereas first part liable to admit the entire process of them

The first party shall provide VISA with necessary work permit from the government authority where the candidates will be deployed for the employment.

The first party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the candidates and also agree to bear the cost to transport of dead body to Nepal as per the labor law of the concerned.

Recruitment and agency fee shall be determined upon the negotiation and agreement of the both parties.

The second party agree that under no circumstances has any right to change the candidates which are selected by the first party pursuant to the authority under clause 3. However, if the situation arises requiring changed or replacements than the second party shall take prior written approval from the first party for such replacement or change.

The second party shall provide the first party as weekly recruitment status reports on all position.

The second shall be handle government procedure for first approval and second approval from Nepal government authority and arrange to send all the selected candidates to the first party in accordance with the above mentioned terms.

The second party agrees and undertakes to keep all the information that if may acquire of get from the first party by virtue of the agreement strictly confidential and shall not disclose the sale to any third party during the terms of the agreement.

The candidates are not allowed to take part any kind of political activities and are prohibited to connect them self with existing trade unions of the country concerned.

The candidates are banned from changing their employment during the period contract with their employer and shall not carry out any money earning activities, business with any individual or company, without written consent of the first party.

If any candidate is found creating social problems or is engaged in any illegal or criminal activities, he will be repatriated to Nepal and the cost incurred shall be borne by the candidate himself.

The second party is responsible for giving orientation of the rules and regulations of company, work, and country where candidate is going to work. Whereas first party agree to inform and update time to time to second party about the change to rules and regulation of the country.

The second party shall inform to first party regarding the flight schedule in advance so that second party can hostel and transport.

The second party shall inform to the workers very clearly about job, company rule and regulation etc.

Second party shall arrange to send the candidates to KTM airport for free of charge.

Second party shall be responsible for our candidates, we are responsible for this: Counseling, Safe and Assured, Low Investment, Transparent and Fair Recruitment, Legalized Procedure, Orientation, Placement and feedback.

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